A Day To Remember With One Of The Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

As you will all know, some of the clubs recently travelled up to Scotland to attend our friend’s wedding! This time we left the bowls at home and replaced them with suits and wedding gifts. What a time we had! The wedding day was one of the best events we’ve been to. Everyone was in fine form, and the band must have been one of the best wedding bands in Scotland. The newlyweds recommended Elite Bands to us for anyone else getting married! Honestly, they were fantastic! We wanted to take this chance to just tell you about the day, as all of us from the bowling club who attended had a wonderful day out.

A Wonderful Turnout

First of all, the turnout was fantastic for our good friends. We saw many people we recognised from bowling clubs across the country, as well as getting to meet their wives, husbands and children. Unfortunately, we didn’t attend the ceremony but we assume it was beautiful! The reception was an absolute ball, with hundreds of people turning up to celebrate this new marriage. The bride and groom danced their socks off and managed to do the essential mingling with just about everyone. Meanwhile, we got stuck in at the bar. It was a wedding after all!

The Cake Looked Great!

The perfect thing to wash down a night of drinking and dancing was the fantastic wedding cake. It was huge and decorated really beautifully! We didn’t catch the name of the bakery who made it but we’ll be sure to find out if anyone wants to know. The cutting of the cake was a traditional affair, with both bride and groom having a laugh as they got their picture taken. The cake itself was delicious as well as looking brilliant, the perfect icing to cake ratio if you ask us!

One Of The Best Wedding Bands In Scotland!

As we’ve already said, this wedding reception had one of the best wedding bands in Scotland. The band played a great mix of different covers, everyone was jumping and dancing all night long. We think the newlyweds must have requested a song or two as well as they were singing their hearts out for most of the time! I wonder if they’ll come and play at our next Bowling Club night out… Not sure if one of the best wedding bands in Scotland will travel this far!

Best Wedding Bands In Scotland


All in all, we had a wonderful day and we want to wish all the best to the happy bride and groom! Hopefully, the whole club will get invited to the next one!