Managing Temporary Exhibition Staff in Your Temporary Showroom

When it comes to holding an event in a temporary showcase bowling event in your community, you may be wondering how to deal with the temporary exhibition staff that may be required. Here are some hints and tips on managing staff in an event like this.

Make It Clear Where the Entrance Points Are for Your Temporary Showroom

In most cases, a temporary showroom will have a separate entrance for permanent staff and temporary exhibition staff and one for customers. It’s important that temporary staff members are informed of this procedure prior to them working there. They need to be made clear where the staff entrance points are and it’s important to get them to sign in (and out) of each shift. This way you will know exactly who is in the building at that time.

On-Site Reporting

It is also important that temporary exhibition staff know who they are to report to on the day of the event and where they should be/what they should be doing during the event. This should be established in the pre-event briefing to ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing, this way there is no room for confusion and no excuse for being late. If it is a particularly large venue or temporary showcase, then a map may be useful (or even necessary). They should also be aware of the name of their supervisor, as well as how to find or contact them during the event.

Team Introductions

Temporary exhibition staff should be formally introduced to the event team when they arrive at the event. This will also help them know who they can direct questions to during the event. This will also make the temporary staff feel more comfortable and make you look like a friendly and approachable employer.

Detailed Briefing for Temporary Exhibition Staff

Communication is key to the running of any successful event. It is essential to get your temporary exhibition staff together before the event to give them a detailed briefing. They should be made aware of what is expected of them throughout the time of the event in the temporary showroom. They should also be given schedules that give exact times of when things are happening, this way they can stay on top of things and know what is coming next. As mentioned before, they also need to be made aware of who to report to, who will oversee their tasks and inform them of your expectation of their performance and how it will impact the event. Also, ensure that there is enough time for questions at the end. The aim of the briefing is to inform but to also allow the temporary exhibition staff to feel more confident and comfortable in your temporary showroom and during the event.

Delegate to Teams

If you have a large number of temporary exhibition staff to organise at your temporary showcase, it may be an idea to split them up. Rather than saying the same thing over and over again to many different people, split your large team up into smaller groups, these groups will be dedicated to a particular task or set of responsibilities. Each team should be supervised by a team leader and they should be given instructions to give to the temporary exhibition staff.