The Welford Bowls Club Big Trip to Scotland this Summer

Beautiful brown highland cow lying in a field in Scotland

With Scotland opening more bowling clubs by the day and competitions becoming more frequent, travelling around to different clubs searching for more avid bowlers has become a regular outing for us. As our presence has started to grow with more members becoming part of our community, a friendly game with the clubs that surround us tends to liven up the days.

Bowls lying on a bowling green in Scotland

A short bus journey away is plenty of clubs with a whole new lot of people to meet. On a recent journey down to Bowls Scotland, we took a look around and even had a go at some of the competitions. Visiting other clubs has always been something that has helped us grow as a team as well, taking pointers and ideas from other people and new clubs we visit. Including children in the mixture has been our best find so far over time because they add more joy to the game when we need it the most. Family events and allowing the older players to guide the young ones are always lovely to see.

Close view of the Kelpies in Scotland the iron works horses statues

While we were down at the club for the event, food was taken care of as well with a catering facility from the bistro which was quite close by. After a great meal and some banter, we headed to the Pollok Community Centre which has more history to it than a lot of others we have visited. It was built in 1961 and has always been a great place to spend some time at. While we were there, there was a dance class that had been arranged and it gave us something to do that ended up lasting for a couple of hours. The centre always has something going on and no one is left feeling bored for too long. The children that had come with us spent their time at a karate class next door while the adults enjoyed some time alone. We are even considering going back with the range of options open with everything from an art group to a numeracy group. We ended the day with a meal at Wagamama with some great Japanese food before heading home. The short bus ride home was pretty uneventful with most of us being tired after a long day but hopes of another one just like it.