Bowling in London: Our Team’s Terrific Trip to the Big Smoke

Classic red London phone booth

A competition down in London got the lot of us heading down to take part with a slight change in plans. Our club has always promoted families taking part and this time was no different. Competitions around London that are exclusive to mother-daughter duos and families playing together have always been something we look forward to. It gives us a great way to have a good time while bringing along what we treasure most and it lets us loosen up even more and enjoy bowling.

Grey squirrel sitting in London park

Visiting bowling clubs in the areas gave us something to look forward to and the chance to meet dozens of people. The North London Bowling Club and the West London Bowling club were both along our way and popping in was one of the best decisions. The competition was one of the best we have been to since we got to see a more family-oriented atmosphere around us and it was even more happening than usual. After the competition ended, we headed down with a few players from around the area that recommended a great restaurant nearby called Angelo’s Italian Eating Place which was almost a necessity at that point after our busy day.

We spent our evening playing a game of bingo down at the activities centre that was offered by one of the clubs and finished off with a steak night that was on offer that was a great end to the day. There was also jazz session going on in conjunction with the Pizza Express Jazz club which livened up the evening before heading to bed.

London Underground  sign reading "London"

The next morning we had another competition to attend before breakfast so it was an early start for all of us but the time we had at the tournament made it all worth it. After a bit of a debate on where to get some breakfast, we settled for Breakfasts and Burgers which is located on Leadenhall Street which served as the perfect middle ground between lunch and breakfast since we were going to be on the road for a while on the way back. It was a comfortable place which was perfect for a good English breakfast and some conversation. After we were done and ready to go, we packed our bags and headed back home via bus which was a lovely journey as well since we had the bus to our self and everything else went smoothly.