Reasons as to Why You Should Join the Welford Bowls Club

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There are many reasons as to why you may want to join a club. If you are looking to do something valuable with your free time, want to take up a new activity or are interested in finding the right bowls club for you. Joining clubs are a great way of meeting new people who are interested in the same things you are. Also, it means you can use your spare time to do something you like rather than doing nothing. At the Welford Bowls Club, there are a number of different facilities in place to cater for what you want to and when.


Join the Welford Bowls Club


If you have experience in bowling or not it doesn’t matter as there are a number of qualified coaches to help you get to grips with how to play this activity in your own time or at a time that best suits you. To join the Welford Bowls Club you can start a membership, each with different prices for the different facilities the club has to offer. This can be for a membership with using the indoor bowling or outdoor greens.

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What facilities are at the club


There is a range of different facilities at the cub such as access to indoor and outdoor bowling greens. You can also use their function rooms which are great for parties, weddings and other celebrations. The function rooms are facilitated with a licenced bar and catering services unless you want to use your own. The outdoor bowling greens also offer stunning views and amazing landscapes for photos.


Who can join the Welford Bowls Club

bowls game join the welford bowls club

Anyone can join the bowls club as it doesn’t matter if you know how to bowl or not because coaches will be able to train you how to play. Also, it is a great way to meet new friends and can also take part in competitions to show off your new learned skills.