Why We Bought Electric Golf Carts For Our Bowls Club

‘But, we play bowls not golf?!’

Yes…You are correct! Here’s why we bought some electric golf carts for the members at our club.

Back in 2018, Glasgow company Powercruise Golf came to us with a number of reasons why more sports clubs should invest in one of these electric golf carts. They found out we managed to acquire a large piece of land where we planned to build a brand new, much larger bowls club for our growing number of members.  They explained that these golf carts could be used to transport equipment to different pitches or buildings where there were no access for cars. Most of our members are at an age where lifting and pulling heavy objects is challenging and we would never want to impose injury on any of the volunteers and members. We realised that this would be invaluable in weekend tournaments.

Speaking of tournaments, we have a loyal fan base who can no longer play due to injury or illness but enjoy spectating at weekend events. We understood that owning electric golf carts would allow our disabled or physically injured fans to watch the sport from further away pitches. This would also open up opportunities for others who have never been able to come to the club but want to.

Why not just use a wheelchair?

Well electric golf carts are cooler.

Electric Golf Carts

Obviously a large part of running the club is to ensure it is maintained well. The pitches, flowers, walkways and club building need to be in pristine condition for our members to play well and enjoy. We understood that we could transport gardening and maintenance equipment on the electric golf cart which would save so much time – especially on our expanding field.

We are really, really looking forward to receiving our new investment and being able to help more people attend our tournaments. We are opening our brand new club in four weeks time and we couldn’t be more thrilled. On Saturday 4th April we are hosting a day-night Big Reveal party for all members. Come along from 1pm to enjoy music, a tour of the new place, drinks, barbecue and maybe a few games. Feel free to party into the night when our bar will close at 12am. We hope to see you all there.

Here are some events that members and the local community can look forward t0:

  • Allowing local primary schools access to the pitches for PE lessons to increase awareness of the sport
  • ¬†Brand new function suite that local community members can hire out for a special occasion
  • Brand new, high spec equipment
  • Regional Bowls Championships
  • English Junior Competition