Coaching Tips On How To Play Your Best Game Of Bowls

Are you new to Welford Bowls Club? Or have you been here for years and just want to improve your game? We are here to give you all the tips and tricks on how to play your best game yet in the up and coming season!

Bowls is a tactical game, and at times challenging. The aim of the game is to knock your opponents bowls (balls) out of the way in order to gain more points and increase your score. Here is some coaching tips to play the best game


Tip 1

Are you a righty or a lefty?! Which ever hand is your strongest hand – like in football you are either left footed or right footed, the same rule applies to bowls. Your strongest hand will probably be the hand you write with. However for some this is the opposite. One side of the ball is flat while the other side is fairly heavy. When you throw the bowl it will curve on your strongest side (right or left) – so look for the coloured medallion on the other side.

Tip 2

Place your middle finger in line with the edge of the bowl to get a good grip of it. This will help guide the bowl in the direction you want it to go in. Your thumb and index finger with also help support the bowl.


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Tip 3

Stand around two steps away from the launch line and stand in a stable, comfortable position. Relax your hips and shoulders but align your arm completely straight – not across your body

Tip 4

As you throw, bend your legs and roll the ball smoothly and softly on the lawn. You should end up in a semi crouched position low to the ground.

Tip 5

Practice makes better! So practice, practice, practice until you get comfortable with the movements.

Tip 6

If you want to curve the ball, slow and steady is your answer. However if you want to aim more directly throw a stronger shot.

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Tip 7

Throw harder if you want to knock your opponents bowl out the way as far away as possible.

Tip 8

Aim for easier targets like 2 bowls that are close together  Рthat means you will win more points and push your opponent further away.

Tip 9

If your bowl is close to the jack the you will want to block your opponent from knocking you out.

Tip 10

Experiment with different throwing positions and grips until you feel comfortable. And most importantly have fun. Here at Welford Bowls Club we are inclusive to all ages and experience so don’t be afraid to join even if you have never played a game before.